"A Pictorial Guide to the Big Blue Poppies"

"Thank you very much indeed for the copy of your “Pictorial Guide to the Big Blue Poppies” which I am delighted to have – a tangible and very pleasing reminder of the early days of The Meconopsis Group. So very pleased that you have published the “Pictorial Guide” as this, for most gardeners – and some botanists will be much more useful than a full monograph. There will be those – like me - who will use both. But your very well illustrated and informative account with the history, cultivation and propagation, will be a boon for gardeners and nurseryman alike."

"Congratulations, you have done a very good job on your book. Pictures are marvellous."

".....thank you for a lovely book on Meconopsis. What a print, its one of the finest. I do appreciate your efforts."

"The comprehensive descriptions coupled with detailed photographs are excellent and should enable inexperienced growers such as myself to be certain of the correct naming of plants they are growing; I will certainly be out in the garden next year to ensure that our Meconopsis are correctly identified! The notes on the origins of each cultivar are fascinating and the notes on growing and propagation will be very useful as will the list of suppliers and Meconopsis-rich gardens. I have no doubt that my copy will be well used!"

"Your book is a delight to hold and read and is very good value. The photos are very fine and the text extremely authoritative. No one can have any doubt about the status of Meconopsis cultivars, after a thorough perusal of your work."

"I had a good look at your book last night and think it is very good indeed. It seems just the right mix of beautiful and relevant photos and an informative and interesting text. Well done."

Meconopsis 'Jimmy Bayne'
(The hybrid which first aroused my interest in the big blue poppies.)

"Your magnificent book on Meconopsis has just arrived….It looks quite wonderful so many congratulations on achieving such a beautiful and informative book which we look forward to reading."

One reader paid extra to asking price s the book is so good“.

"Had a good look at the book after I got home. Think it is super, very informative."

"Thank you so much, pictures look even better on looking again through all the pages. Certainly emphasises all the work put into the book over the years."

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